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Wednesday 13 interviewed in B.S zine #36 [18 Feb 2010|02:35pm]

Issue 36 of the UK’s only fake-fur adorned rock ‘n’ roll read – ‘Bubblegum Slut zine’ - is out now and includes a new interview with Wednesday 13. Conducted during Gunfire 76's debut UK tour, the article sees Wednesday discuss the new band and the possibility of a Murderdolls reunion. Also included in this issue is an interview with tourmates Bullets & Octane, another 20-track free sampler CD and 88 pages of the followingCollapse )
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Wednesday 13 Live in Providence, RI Jan 12th! All Ages! [05 Jan 2010|01:41pm]

Wednesday 13's Gunfire 76 @ Club Hell
in an ALL AGES tribute to Horror High

The spooky rock attitude of Wednesday 13 is coming to Rhode Island, in the form of his brand new band Gunfire 76, with special guests to rock and delight ghouls and toys of ALL AGES! We're super excited and hope to squeeze in another interview with University of Rhode Island DJ, DJ Nightshrill while we're there!

$12 adv. tickets includes a free CD from Hate in the Box! at http://ticketalternative.com/Events/8733.aspx $15 at the door ALL AGES 6:30pm

-Who: Wednesday 13's Gunfire 76, Hate in the Box, The Sex Slaves, 10/31, Vagora
-What: Too Ghoul for School, an all ages tribute to Horror High
-When: Tuesday, January 12th doors open 6:30pm, bands 10pm
-Where: Club Hell, 73 Richmond St. Providence, RI
$10 at the Door, $8 with RSVP! ALL AGES!

Click here to RSVP on MySpace!
Click here to RSVP on FaceBook!

Lollypops and Nightmares,
Rainbow Blight
AOL IM: HateInTheBoxBand
Twitter: RainbowBlight

Want to hear more music for free?

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[26 Jun 2009|05:00pm]

Back when Wednesday was in Murderdolls, he had a very high up undercut with most of his head shaved except the long dreads on the very top. He had those up until at least 2003, when he did the video for White Wedding. When he changed the group to Wednesday 13, he got a slightly different look, dying his hair all black. I've met him, seen him in concert, and have several pics of this newer appearance. And as far as I can tell, he has all his hair grown out. No more undercut.

My question is, if I've seen concert pics of him from 2005 where ALL of his hair is down to his waist, how is it physically possible for him to have grown back the rest of his hair in such a short time? Did he just grow back some and then get extensions? It takes like a decade to get your hair down to your waist. The dreads were already long, but the under part was shaved to the scalp. I don't get it. Has anyone seen him alot in person and have any idea?
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[12 May 2009|02:30am]

Does anyone know where I could get a Murderdoll pendant necklace? I used to see them on Ebay a few years ago.

This place is dead :(
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Any pictures of Eric Griffin [31 Aug 2008|04:18am]


I really want to find old old old ones of him.


And I read on LJ that he has kids and a wife(Tear)
I really want to see thoes too. If you have any reply plz!

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[07 May 2008|03:09pm]

Selling Wednesday 13 , murderdolls & Frankenstein Drag Queens CD'S
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[18 Feb 2008|09:18pm]
This might be a long-shot since this comm seems pretty much dead, but I'm searching for a couple photos.

Are there any photos out there of Wednesday 13 as a child? How about any photos of his wife and/or daughter? Do any even exist on the internet???
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[01 Jun 2007|10:40pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello! Anyone here from the old Murderdolls board?!! (Pretty much the origional one)

I wonder if any of you lot know what happened to the old murderdolls/thirteen dead kids forums?

Me and a few friends are trying to figure it out. We used to post on the dolls' board back when they were called The Rejects - good times.

Remember names like Severina tragedy, Phobia Infected, Joeysmaggot (xD), GEOFF THE TURKEY?!

Anyway, we were feeling so lost (and nostalgic!) we ended up making our own board. It's a bit piddly and rubbish at the moment, we'd appreciate if anyone would come along and join to keep us company. It's a general board and we're all a bunch of horror nuts and are quite friendly - if a bit mad - so don't be afraid. And well, we miss everyone ='(

We would really like to know what happend!! It just seams so odd it vanished.

Thanks a bunch! Please join too, we'd be chuffed!


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[01 Apr 2007|08:34pm]


What other bands are "Horror Rock"?

What would go well with.
Wednesday 13/Murderdolls/Frankenstien Drag Queens
Rob/White Zombie
Scum of the Earth?

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Wednesday 13/Murderdolls [30 Jun 2006|09:51pm]

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The Horrorfying music of Wednesday 13 [29 Jun 2006|02:59pm]

Hey Everybody.
Just incase you don't know, Wednesday 13 is going on tour soon! HOORAY for Horrorwood! Below are the tour dates. I'm going to the Portland show. You guys should show up to support Wednesday!

"Till Death Do Us Party Tour
July 28 2006 11:00P Planet Rock Myrtle Beach, SC
July 29 2006 11:00P Planet Rock Jacksonville, NC
August 4 2006 11:00P Jester's Fayetteville, NC
August 5 2006 11:00P Jaxx's Springfield, VA
August 6 2006 11:00P Bottoms Up Flushing, NY
August 7 2006 11:00P Webster Theatre Hartford, CT
August 8 2006 11:00P Silo Reading, PA
August 9 2006 11:00P Peabody's Cleveland, OH
August 11 2006 11:00P TNT's Detroit, MI
August 12 2006 11:00P Vnuks Cudahy, WI
August 13 2006 11:00P Station 4 St. Paul, MN
August 15 2006 11:00P Aztlan Theatre Denver, CO
August 17 2006 11:00P The Grove Boise, ID
August 18 2006 11:00P El Corazon Seattle, WA
August 19 2006 11:00P Paris Theatre Portland, OR
August g 23 2006 11:00P Whisky Los Angeles, CA
August 25 2006 11:00P Chic's Bar El Paso, TX
August 26 2006 11:00P Sanctuary San Antonio, TX
August 29 2006 11:00P Meridian Houston, TX
September 1 2006 11:00P JC's House of Rock Wichita, KS
September 9 2006 11:00P Steel Music Hall Rochester, NY

P.S. All the start times for the shows are wrong.
UnPleasant nightmares!
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