Krystine (livingdeadvegan) wrote in murderdolls,

The Horrorfying music of Wednesday 13

Hey Everybody.
Just incase you don't know, Wednesday 13 is going on tour soon! HOORAY for Horrorwood! Below are the tour dates. I'm going to the Portland show. You guys should show up to support Wednesday!

"Till Death Do Us Party Tour
July 28 2006 11:00P Planet Rock Myrtle Beach, SC
July 29 2006 11:00P Planet Rock Jacksonville, NC
August 4 2006 11:00P Jester's Fayetteville, NC
August 5 2006 11:00P Jaxx's Springfield, VA
August 6 2006 11:00P Bottoms Up Flushing, NY
August 7 2006 11:00P Webster Theatre Hartford, CT
August 8 2006 11:00P Silo Reading, PA
August 9 2006 11:00P Peabody's Cleveland, OH
August 11 2006 11:00P TNT's Detroit, MI
August 12 2006 11:00P Vnuks Cudahy, WI
August 13 2006 11:00P Station 4 St. Paul, MN
August 15 2006 11:00P Aztlan Theatre Denver, CO
August 17 2006 11:00P The Grove Boise, ID
August 18 2006 11:00P El Corazon Seattle, WA
August 19 2006 11:00P Paris Theatre Portland, OR
August g 23 2006 11:00P Whisky Los Angeles, CA
August 25 2006 11:00P Chic's Bar El Paso, TX
August 26 2006 11:00P Sanctuary San Antonio, TX
August 29 2006 11:00P Meridian Houston, TX
September 1 2006 11:00P JC's House of Rock Wichita, KS
September 9 2006 11:00P Steel Music Hall Rochester, NY

P.S. All the start times for the shows are wrong.
UnPleasant nightmares!
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